Words From Our Students & Parents

The whole team at College Break Bus works extremely hard to provide the best services for all our students and parents.  It’s great to see all this work noticed with these amazing notes of appreciation.  Don’t take our word for it, see what our students and parents have to say!

Lyn R.

Your company is the best… your customer service is above and beyond any other! Thank you for this wonderful service!

Allison D.

My FD never travelled with you before but I think we will for Spring. You genuinely care about the students and parents. I am sure your business will continue to flourish with your homegrown love and attitude.

Shauna L.

Thank you so much for continuing this service! It is SO much appreciated!

Tanya P.

Amazing bus service! Could not be happier! The best!!!!!!

Robin S.

Starr is ALWAYS the best way to go. Happy Holidays!

Jennifer B.

My son arrived safely on the Yellow bus from Yardley to CMU. Delays on this holiday weekend are to be expected. I am so thankful for the service you provide to our children.

Debbie D.

Thank you so much for getting our kids home safe!

Carson Z.

Thanks for providing a safe and comfortable trip. It worked out really well for us.

Lisa C.

Our first time using the bus and we are extremely happy with the ease and effective communication. Would use again!

Dawn W.

Thank you for getting my heart home from WVU! 💛💙💛💙 Happy Holidays!

Deborah D.

Red route to LI, thank you!! My daughter was a first time traveler and said the driver was very nice and the entire ride was awesome.

Kimberly A.

Thank you for a seamless, safe ride! We appreciate the great communication and professional service! Such a blessing having your service!

Kathleen A.

Very impressed with the bus service this evening! My son’s driver was John on the red route from Penn State to Bethesda. Thank you to John for a safe trip home and Penn State College Break Bus – Starr for an efficient and well-communicated process. Will use again!

Cicely E.

Green route arrived early. Appreciate the notifications and professionalism of the drivers. Thank you for the safe arrival back to campus.

Zandra H.

Thank you! 15 minutes early on our Red Route! Love the tracker. Thank you for sharing ways to tip these wonderful drivers!

Marilyn S.

For anyone contemplating using Starr Tours College Break Bus for their college students let me reassure you that it is one of the best decisions you can make. We started in 2018 with a freshman at Penn State. For four years she rode the bus both ways for the holidays. Truthfully, my only worry was that she wouldn’t get a seat because the bus filled so quickly. Never gave a thought about whether the driver was good or the weather. I knew Starr would make the right decision. And, they drove during covid making sure the students met the health protocols. Only filled half the bus. I am forever grateful for their services. It is so invaluable in so many ways.

Janelle C.

Amazing experience…..he was in an hour early! Truly appreciate the great communication, professionalism and great staff! Thank you for getting my boy home safely. He enjoyed the trip and we just booked our Winter Break trip! Great first experience for sure! Truly appreciated!

Janet B.

Thank you College Break Bus for always being so professional and on top of updates and for transporting the students to their destinations safely. We are blessed to have found your company and the services that you provide.

Kathy T.

Thank you for getting my student across the state safely ❤️ we truly appreciate your service!

Elizabeth M.

My daughter was a first time rider on the purple bus to White Plains, a pleasant and relaxing ride for her. I cannot thank the driver enough for getting her safe and sound to us. Thanks again for a wonderful experience. I truly appreciate being able to track the bus for departure to arrival as well.

Janet B.

Hi we are from NJ too and we love The College Break Bus. Welcome to PSU. They are so organized, professional, on time, nice and the up to date information that they provide is fantastic. We highly recommended them. We usually get our tickets the day or at least within a couple of days of them going on sale. It is so convenient for the parents as it saves us the 3 1/2 hr drive, etc. It is only PSU students and there is a bathroom and Wi-Fi on the bus too. Again, we have used them several times this year and were very happy every time.

Ma G.

My son came home from Syracuse on the red bus this evening. He said everything went very smoothly and that the driver was great. Thank you for all of your efforts to bring the students back home, despite the monkey-wrench the weather threw. I love how much time it saves us when he takes your bus home!

Maureen F.

This was an absolutely fabulous experience!! Will be booking for spring. Wish she could use this for all her visits home, not just the holiday breaks.

Melissa C.

The communication emails for parent as well as student are amazing- We will use you again and again!

Martha R.

Thank you so much. My cuse loved the bus ride on the purple route to Bridgeport, CT. Drivers both ways were fantastic. Bus got back to Syracuse Sunday earlier than expected – great surprise! Thank you for your service – so much easier than a parent driving up and back which has to be an overnight for me – expensive. The bus is easy, convenient and affordable.

Lisa S.

Thank you for always getting our kids home safely! We so appreciate your service. Happy Holidays!.