Our Story

We are parents first, business owners second. College Break Bus (powered by Starr) was founded in 2018, as we saw the need for affordable, safe, and reliable transportation to and from Universities. Having one student in college and two in high school, we wanted to create a business that could help them, their classmates, our friends and neighbors, and any other college students looking for affordable and safe transportation to and from college during breaks. We heard stories from countless parents: at some schools, there was no airport close by. At others, it wouldn’t make sense to fly. For many parents, it’s difficult to take time off work to drive 5+ hours each way, twice for each break. College Break Bus solves all of these problems and more. With decades of experience in the transportation industry, we have created a system that runs smoothly and efficiently, allowing students to travel in comfort and safety – with their classmates – to their home neighborhoods.

Veterans in the Bus Business

It’s important to note that we’re not just brokers connecting you to a bus company: we’re a bus company ourselves. Since 1947, we’ve been providing safe, comfortable, and efficient transportation to travelers all over the east coast. Now, our headquarters is located in Hamilton, NJ, where our buses and management reside. We’re excited to expand our services to benefit students and their families, helping transport thousands of students every year.